About us

Tashkent State University Of Transport Alumni AssotsationA

The TSTU Alumni Association is the official Association for you and more than 50,000 tdtu alumni in Uzbekistan.

At the Tdtu Alumni Association, we connect you and your colleagues with many networking opportunities, professional development resources, programs, volunteer opportunities, faculty-led tours, etc. So, whether you want to build or expand your tdtu community, reconnect with your bandmates, mentor students, engage in lifelong learning, or be aware of TDTU news — the Tdtu Alumni Association is here to keep you connected with all this.

You may no longer be a student, but the tdtu and tdtu Alumni Association will always be here for you. Remember that the tdtu Alumni Society is your community.

Our activity

Bakhtiyorov Muhammadrizo Ikhtiyorjon ugli

Administrator/Chief Specialist

Haydarov Maqsud Habibiloyevich

Head of Marketing and Student Practice

Director of the Association

Nurmukhamedova Diyora Rustam qizi

Coordinator/Chief Specialist

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